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Electrostatic induction: Quiz


Question 1: [2] ________, such as the Wimshurst machine, the Van de Graaff generator and the electrophorus, use this principle.
Electrostatic generatorElectric chargeElectrostaticsElectricity

Question 2: A normal piece of matter has equal numbers of positive and negative ________ in each part of it, located close together, so as a whole it isn't considered to have a charge, or it has a net charge of zero.
Magnetic fieldElectric currentElectromagnetismElectric charge

Question 3: In nonconductors, the electrons are bound to ________ and are not free to move about the object; however they can move a little within the atoms.

Question 4: A similar induction effect occurs in nonconductive (________) objects, and is responsible for the attraction of small light nonconductive objects, like scraps of paper or Styrofoam, to static electric charges.
DielectricMaxwell's equationsMetamaterialPermittivity

Question 5: Electrostatic induction is a redistribution of ________ in an object, caused by the influence of nearby charges.
Magnetic fieldElectromagnetismElectric chargeElectric current

Question 6: A minor correction to the above picture is that only the negative charges in matter, the ________, are free to move; the positive charges, the atoms nuclei, are bound into the structure of solid matter.


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