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Question 1: On both discussion lists and newsletter lists precautions are taken to avoid ________.
E-mail spamSpam (electronic)PhishingAnti-spam techniques

Question 2: Discussion_groups article at LISWiki, a ________ wiki
LibrarianLibrary scienceSocial sciencesArchive

Question 3: An electronic mailing list is a special usage of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many ________ users.
E-mailInternetWorld Wide WebInternet Relay Chat

Question 4: Electronic mailing lists are usually fully or partially automated through the use of special mailing list ________ and a reflector address that are set up on a server capable of receiving email.
Java (programming language)Computer softwareLinuxComputer

Question 5: In this they are similar to ________ newsgroups, and share the same aversion to off-topic messages.
UsenetInternet forumE-mailInstant messaging

Question 6: The term ________ encompasses both these types of lists and newsgroups.
E-mailUsenetInternet forumInstant messaging

Question 7: Newsletter and promotional emailing lists are employed in various sectors as parts of ________ campaigns.
Promotion (marketing)Direct marketingAdvertisingMarketing ethics


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