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Question 1: MIDI data can also be used to add digital effects to the sounds played, such as ________, chorus, delay and tremolo.
ReverberationMixing consoleSound recording and reproductionSynthesizer

Question 2: Many keyboards feature audio or visual ________ (using graphics on a portion of the display) to help players keep time.
Franz LisztFelix MendelssohnRichard WagnerMetronome

Question 3: Electronic keyboards perhaps were most popular in the 1980s, and are closely related to 1980s pop and ________, but they have remained popular since.
Punk rockNew Wave musicDance-punkPost-punk

Question 4: Wheels and knobs: Used to add effects to a sound that are not present by default, such as ________, panning, tremolo, pitch bending, and so on.

Question 5: An electronic keyboard or digital keyboard is a keyboard instrument whose sound is generated or amplified by one or more ________.
Electronic engineeringEngineeringElectronicsElectrical engineering

Question 6: Sound generator: An electronic sound module, typically contained within an integrated circuit or chip, which is capable of accepting ________ commands and producing sounds.
Musical Instrument Digital InterfaceBus (computing)EIA-422Universal Serial Bus

Question 7: ________: An electro-mechanical component connects the switches when the key is depressed, which triggers the note or other sound.
Keyboard instrumentMusical keyboardPianoAccordion


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