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Electron shell: Quiz


Question 1: The existence of electron shells was first observed experimentally in Charles Barkla's and ________'s X-ray absorption studies.
HafniumHenry MoseleyGoldNeodymium

Question 2: For an explanation of why electrons exist in these shells see ________.
Noble gasHydrogenElectron configurationOxygen

Question 3: The name for electron shells is derived from the ________, in which groups of electrons were believed to orbit the nucleus at certain distances, so that their orbits formed "shells" around the nucleus.
Bohr modelIntroduction to quantum mechanicsAtomic orbitalAtom

Question 4: Whether this extends to ________ remains to be determined.

Question 5: ________ later generalized and extended the theory while applying insights from quantum mechanics.
Glenn T. SeaborgLinus PaulingMelvin CalvinRoger Adams

Question 6: They come from early studies of ________.
Stimulated emissionPhotonAtomic spectral lineEmission spectrum

Question 7: An electron shell may be thought of as an orbit followed by electrons around an ________ nucleus.

Question 8: It is also seen that ________ (atomic number 46) is unique, being the only known element such that there are elements with smaller atomic number having more electron shells.

Question 9: While atoms with complete valence shells (noble gases) are the most chemically non-reactive, those with only one electron in their valence shells (alkalis) or just missing one electron from having a complete shell (________) are the most reactive.
NonmetalPeriodic tableHalogenMetal

Question 10: It is usually (and misleadingly) said that the electrons in this shell make up its ________, that is, the electrons that determine how the atom behaves in chemical reactions.
Noble gasValence electronCarbonMetal

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