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Electron donor: Quiz


Question 1: It is a reducing agent that, by virtue of its donating electrons, is itself ________ in the process.

Question 2: In ________, electron donors release an electron during cellular respiration, resulting in the release of energy.

Question 3:
In ________, a class of electron donors that donate not just one, but a set of two paired electrons that form a covalent bond with an electron acceptor molecule, is known as a Lewis base.
ElectrochemistryInorganic chemistryPeriodic tableChemistry

Question 4: This leads to the formation of ________ in which the components largely retain their chemical identities.
LigandCharge-transfer complexAlkyne trimerisationCarbon monoxide

Question 5: ________, such as bacteria, obtain energy in the electron transfer processes.

Question 6: An electron donor is a chemical entity that donates ________ to another compound.

Question 7: The overall energy balance (ΔE), i.e., energy gained or lost, in an electron donor-acceptor transfer is determined by the difference between the acceptor's ________ (A) and the ionization potential (I):
HalogenElectron affinityElectronegativityPeriodic table

Question 8: The electron donating power of a donor molecule is measured by its ________ which is the energy required to remove an electron from the highest occupied molecular orbital.
Ionization energyChemistryAluminiumPeriodic table


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