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Electron configuration: Quiz


Question 1: Bohr's original configurations would seem strange to a present-day chemist: ________ was given as instead of 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p 4 (2.8.6).

Question 2: Bohr was well aware of this shortcoming (and others), and had written to his friend ________ to ask for his help in saving quantum theory (the system now known as "old quantum theory").
Werner HeisenbergPaul DiracWolfgang PauliEnrico Fermi

Question 3:
Electron configuration, Bohr model and Atomic orbital are all:
Atomic physics Molecular physics Theoretical chemistry Quantum chemistry

Question 4: ________ Discusses the limits of the periodic table
Extension of the periodic table beyond the seventh periodHalogenMetalNoble gas

Question 5: ________ and calcium appear in the periodic table before the transition metals, and have electron configurations [Ar] 4s1 and [Ar] 4s2 respectively, i.e.

Question 6: The electron configurations of molecules are written in a similar way, except that ________ labels are used instead of atomic orbital labels (see below).
Quantum chemistryHartree–Fock methodMolecular orbitalMolecular orbital theory

Question 7: For the heavier elements, it is also necessary to take account of the effects of Special Relativity on the energies of the atomic orbitals, as the inner-shell electrons are moving at speeds approaching the ________.
OpticsSpeed of lightSunPhoton

Question 8: [5] His proposals were based on the then current ________ of the atom, in which the electron shells were orbits at a fixed distance from the nucleus.
Atomic orbitalAtomic theoryIntroduction to quantum mechanicsBohr model

Question 9: Phosphorus, for instance, differs from ________ (1s2 2s2 2p6) only by the presence of a third shell.

Question 10: For example, ________ has one electron in the s-orbital of the first shell, so its configuration is written 1s1.


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