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Question 1: These photons cause the electron to shift about in a jittery fashion (known as zitterbewegung),[81] which results in a net circular motion with ________.
Axial precession (astronomy)PrecessionGeneral relativityForce

Question 2: [111] On the other hand, metals have an ________ containing partially filled electronic bands.
Atomic orbitalFree electron modelMuffin-tin approximationElectronic band structure

Question 3: ________ are particles traveling through space with high energies.
Ionizing radiationNuclear fusionX-rayCosmic ray

Question 4: This is responsible for the ________, which precludes any two electrons from occupying the same quantum state.
Introduction to quantum mechanicsPauli exclusion principleSchrödinger equationQuantum mechanics

Question 5: [2][67] Hence, it is defined or assumed to be a point particle with a ________ and no spatial extent.
Point particleStandard ModelElectronPhoton

Question 6: What does the following picture show?

  An extended air shower generated by an energetic cosmic ray striking the Earth's atmosphere
  Pair production caused by the collision of a photon with an atomic nucleus
  In quantum mechanics, the behavior of an electron in an atom is described by an orbital, which is a probability distribution rather than an orbit. In the figure, the shading indicates the relative probability to "find" the electron, having the energy corresponding to the given quantum numbers, at that point.

Question 7: [136] When these particles collide with nucleons in the ________'s atmosphere, a shower of particles is generated, including pions.

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  A lightning discharge consists primarily of a flow of electrons.[111] The electric potential needed for lightning may be generated by a triboelectric effect.[112][113]
  An extended air shower generated by an energetic cosmic ray striking the Earth's atmosphere
  During a NASA wind tunnel test, a model of the Space Shuttle is targeted by a beam of electrons, simulating the effect of ionizing gases during re-entry.[154]
  A schematic depiction of virtual electron–positron pairs appearing at random near an electron (at lower left)

Question 9: Electrons are ________ because they cannot be distinguished from each other by their intrinsic physical properties.
Identical particlesQuantum mechanicsFermionPhoton

Question 10: It is this property of induction which supplies the magnetic field that drives an ________.
Induction motorAC motorElectric motorElectrical generator


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