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Electromagnetism: Quiz


Question 1: These in turn result from the forces involved in interactions between ________, which themselves can be traced to electromagnetism acting on the electrically charged protons and electrons inside the atoms.

Question 2: The electromagnetic force is one of the four ________.
PhotonParticle physicsStandard ModelFundamental interaction

Question 3: His findings resulted in intensive research throughout the scientific community in ________.
ElectromagnetismElectromagnetic radiationMaxwell's equationsClassical electromagnetism

Question 4: Roughly speaking, all the forces involved in interactions between ________ can be traced to the electromagnetic force acting on the electrically charged protons and electrons inside the atoms.

Question 5: Mariners had noticed that lightning strikes had the ability to disturb a compass needle, but the link between lightning and electricity was not confirmed until ________'s proposed experiments in 1752.
Benjamin FranklinThomas JeffersonJohn AdamsThomas Mifflin

Question 6: In his work, Planck showed that hot objects emit electromagnetic radiation in discrete packets, which leads to a finite total energy emitted as ________.
Gamma rayNuclear fusionThermal radiationVisible spectrum

Question 7: Light and other electromagnetic waves take the form of quantized, self-propagating oscillatory electromagnetic field disturbances called ________.
AtomPhotonStandard ModelElectron

Question 8: Mathematically speaking, magnetic fields and electric fields are convertible with relative motion as a ________.
General relativitySpecial relativityMinkowski spaceFour-vector

Question 9: ________ are the cause of the force associated with magnets.
Magnetic fieldMaxwell's equationsMagnetismMagnetic moment

Question 10: ________) are ultimately derived from these fundamental forces.
MassFrictionLift (force)Drag (physics)

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