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Question 1: A small and somewhat variable window of frequencies is sensed by the ________ of various organisms; this is what is called the visible spectrum, or light.
Nervous systemBrainSensory systemEye

Question 2: A wave consists of successive troughs and crests, and the distance between two adjacent crests or troughs is called the ________.
DiffractionLightWavelengthElectromagnetic radiation

Question 3: These differential equations are equivalent to the ________:
Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspacePartial differential equationWave equationElectromagnetic wave equation

Question 4: According to Maxwell's equations, a spatially-varying ________ generates a time-varying magnetic field and vice versa.
Lorentz forceGauss's lawElectromagnetismElectric field

Question 5: Which, as it turns out, is the ________ in free space.
Speed of lightPhotonSunOptics

Question 6: As a photon is absorbed by an ________, it excites an electron, elevating it to a higher energy level.

Question 7: In addition to infrared ________, sufficiently intense visible and ultraviolet lasers can also easily set paper afire.
LaserLaser applicationsX-rayHelium

Question 8: These properties cause various phenomena including refraction and ________.

Question 9: ________
Finite element methodCrank–Nicolson methodFinite-difference time-domain methodFTCS scheme

Question 10: Radiation is an important mechanism of ________.
Heat transferHeat exchangerTemperatureThermal conductivity


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