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Electromagnetic pulse: Quiz


Question 1: Starfish Prime was the first successful test in the series of United States high-altitude nuclear tests in 1962 known as ________.
Hardtack TeakOperation FishbowlHigh-altitude nuclear explosionElectromagnetic pulse

Question 2: ________
LightningAndrei SakharovElectromagnetic pulseExplosively pumped flux compression generator

Question 3: According to an internet primer published by the ________[25]
Nuclear weaponNuclear proliferationPlutoniumFederation of American Scientists

Question 4: [17][18] Like a ________, E3 can produce geomagnetically induced currents in long electrical conductors, which can then damage components such as power line transformers.
Geomagnetic stormCluster missionSpace weatherVan Allen radiation belt

Question 5: Large weapons could have a dramatic impact on ________ operations and communications; smaller weapons have less such potential.
Space RaceGeocentric orbitSatelliteNASA

Question 6: ________ reported that the U.S.
CBS RadioCBS NewsCBS Radio NetworkThe CW Television Network

Question 7: The complex multi-pulse is usually described in terms of three components, and these three components have been defined as such by the international standards commission called the ________ (IEC).
FranceJapanInternational Electrotechnical CommissionItaly

Question 8: If the aircraft carrying the ________ and Nagasaki bombs had been within the intense nuclear radiation zone when the bombs exploded over those cities, then they would have suffered effects from the charge separation (radial) EMP.
HiroshimaTokyoKure, HiroshimaFukuyama, Hiroshima

Question 9: For ________, this means that much of the EMP is actually generated at a large distance from the detonation (where the gamma radiation from the explosion hits the upper atmosphere).
Starfish PrimeHigh-altitude nuclear explosionOperation FishbowlThe K Project

Question 10: In the thermonuclear ________ the fission yield was less than 100% to begin with, and then the thicker outer casing absorbed about 95% of the prompt gamma rays from the pusher around the fusion stage.
AmchitkaOperation ArgusStarfish PrimePacific Proving Grounds


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