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Electrolytic cell: Quiz


Question 1: An electrolytic cell decomposes chemical compounds by means of electrical energy, in a process called ________; the Greek word lysis means to break up.
ElectrowinningElectrolysisElectrochemistryHofmann voltameter

Question 2: An electrolytic cell has three component parts: an electrolyte and two electrodes (a cathode and an ________).
AnodeRechargeable batteryGalvanic cellBattery (electricity)

Question 3: When driven by an external voltage applied to the electrodes, the electrolyte provides ions that flow to and from the electrodes, where charge-transferring, or faradaic, or ________, reactions can take place.

Question 4: In contrast, a battery or ________, converts chemical energy into electrical energy, by using spontaneous chemical reactions that take place at the electrodes.
CathodeRechargeable batteryGalvanic cellAnode

Question 5: The ________ is usually a solution of water or other solvents in which ions are dissolved.
Lead-acid batteryElectrolyteFuel cellHalf cell

Question 6: Only for an external ________ (i.e.
Lorentz forceElectric potentialMagnetic fieldMaxwell's equations

Question 7: Important examples of electrolysis are the decomposition of water into ________ and oxygen, and bauxite into aluminium and other chemicals.


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