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Question 1: In humans, electrolyte homeostasis is regulated by hormones such as antidiuretic hormone, ________ and parathyroid hormone.

Question 2: Chloride levels are rarely measured except for ________ interpretation since they are inherently linked to sodium levels.
BUN-to-creatinine ratioBase excessSerum osmotic gapArterial blood gas

Question 3: In batteries, two ________ with different electron affinities are used as electrodes; electrons flow from one electrode to the other outside of the battery, while inside the battery the circuit is closed by the electrolyte's ions.
MetalNoble gasNonmetalHalogen

Question 4: When electrodes are placed in an electrolyte and a ________ is applied, the electrolyte will conduct electricity.
Electrical networkMultimeterElectric currentVoltage

Question 5: For example, in a solution of ordinary salt (________, NaCl) in water, the cathode reaction will be
Sodium sulfateSodium hydroxideSodium carbonateSodium chloride

Question 6: Electrolytes may enter or leave the cell membrane through specialized protein structures embedded in the plasma membrane called ________.
Sodium channelLigand-gated ion channelIon channelPotassium channel

Question 7: The interpretation of these values is somewhat meaningless without analysis of the clinical history and is often impossible without parallel measurement of ________.
Anion gapNephronRenal functionRenal physiology

Question 8: and ________ gas will bubble up; the anode reaction is

Question 9: One important test conducted on urine is the ________ test to determine the occurrence of electrolyte imbalance.
DensityRelative densityAluminiumSurface tension

Question 10: Serious electrolyte disturbances, such as ________ and overhydration, may lead to cardiac and neurological complications and, unless they are rapidly resolved, will result in a medical emergency.
Diabetic ketoacidosisHypernatremiaHyponatremiaDehydration


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