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Electroless nickel plating: Quiz


Question 1: Before performing electroless nickel plating, the material to be plated must be cleaned by a series of cleaning chemicals such as bases and ________, this process is called the pre-treatment process.
Acid dissociation constantOxygenAcidAcid–base reaction

Question 2: After the plating process, plated materials must be finished with an anti-oxidation or anti-tarnish chemical (trisodium phosphate, ________ etc) and pure water rinsing to prevent unwanted stains.
AcidPotassium dichromateChromiumChromate and dichromate

Question 3: It is also commonly used as a coating in electronics printed circuit board manufacturing, typically with an overlay of ________ to prevent corrosion.

Question 4: Electroless nickel plating, or "EN", is an auto-catalytic chemical technique used to deposit a layer of nickel- phosphorus or ________- boron alloy on a solid work piece, such as metals or plastic.


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