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Electrochemical cell: Quiz


Question 1: Common types of disposable cells include zinc-carbon cells and ________.
Rechargeable batteryNickel-cadmium batteryBattery (electricity)Alkaline battery

Question 2: The oldest form of rechargeable cell is the ________.
Fuel cellBattery (electricity)Lithium-ion batteryLead-acid battery

Question 3: (Actually a single "________"; a battery properly consists of multiple cells.)
AnodeBattery (electricity)Rechargeable batteryGalvanic cell

Question 4: Each reaction is undergoing an equilibrium reaction between different ________ of the ions—when equilibrium is reached the cell cannot provide further voltage.
OxideOxidation stateOxygenHydrogen

Question 5: Generally, these have higher ________ than rechargeable cells,[3] but disposable cells do not fare well under high-drain applications with loads under 75 ohms (75 Ω).
HydrogenUraniumEnergy densityOxygen

Question 6: Each half-cell consists of an electrode, and an ________.
Fuel cellIonElectrolyteHalf cell

Question 7: (See ________).
HydrogenStandard electrode potential (data page)OxygenSilver

Question 8: [8] Meanwhile, NiMH has replaced NiCd in most applications due to its higher capacity, but NiCd remains in use in power tools, ________, and medical equipment.
Walkie-talkieAmateur radioBase stationTwo-way radio

Question 9: Rechargeable electrochemical cells or secondary electrochemical cells can be recharged by applying electrical current, which reverses the ________ that occur during its use.
NitrogenChemistryHydrogenChemical reaction

Question 10: The chemical reactions in the cell may involve the electrolyte, the electrodes or an external substance (as in ________ which may use hydrogen gas as a reactant).
Lead-acid batteryFlow batteryFuel cellZinc-air battery


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