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Question 1: ________ systems, in contrast to urban systems, tend to use higher voltages because of the longer distances covered by those distribution lines (see Rural Electrification Administration).
Rural Utilities ServiceSmart gridPickens PlanRural electrification

Question 2: Traditionally the electricity industry has been a publicly owned institution but starting in the 1970s nations began the process of ________ and privatisation, leading to electricity markets.
DeregulationPrivatizationKeynesian economicsCapitalism

Question 3:
Electricity distribution is the final stage in the delivery (before retail) of ________ to end users.
ElectromagnetismElectric chargeElectricityElectric current

Question 4: The separation has also led to the development of new terminology to describe the business units (e.g., ________, wires business and network company).
RegimentCorpsCompany (military unit)Battalion

Question 5: Single-wire earth return (________) is the least expensive, with one wire.
Wind powerHigh-voltage direct currentElectricity distributionSingle-wire earth return

Question 6: Some experts say[1] that this is three-phase delta for industrial, ________ for rural service, and 230 V single phase for residential and light industrial.
Wind powerHigh-voltage direct currentElectricity distributionSingle-wire earth return

Question 7: A major focus of these was the elimination of the former so called ________ of generation, transmission, and distribution.
Natural monopolyCompetition lawBarriers to entryCoercive monopoly

Question 8: The adoption of alternating current (AC) for electricity generation following the ________ dramatically changed the situation.
War of CurrentsTransformerGeorge WestinghouseElectric power transmission

Question 9: Generators (such as ________ sites) could be located far from the loads.
Wind powerCoalPumped-storage hydroelectricityHydroelectricity

Question 10: Power transformers, installed at ________, could be used to raise the voltage from the generators, and transformers at local substations reduced it to supply loads.
Electricity generationNuclear powerPower stationHydroelectricity


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