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Electrical resonance: Quiz


Question 1: The quality of the resonance (how long it will ring when excited) is determined by its ________, which is a function of resistance.
Harmonic oscillatorLC circuitDampingQ factor

Question 2: It can be detrimental to the operation of communications circuits by causing unwanted sustained and transient oscillations that may cause noise, signal ________, and damage to circuit elements.
Johnson–Nyquist noiseDistortionPhase distortionJitter

Question 3: Resonance is used for tuning and filtering, because it occurs at a particular frequency for given values of inductance and ________.
Coulomb's lawMagnetismMaxwell's equationsCapacitance

Question 4:
where ω = 2πf, in which f is the resonance frequency in hertz, L is the inductance in henries, and C is the capacitance in farads when standard ________ are used.
Conversion of unitsSystems of measurementInternational System of UnitsMetric system

Question 5: They are widely used in ________ transmission for both transmission and reception.

Question 6: In some cases, resonance occurs when the inductive reactance and the capacitive reactance of the circuit are of equal magnitude, causing electrical energy to oscillate between the magnetic field of the inductor and the ________ of the capacitor.
ElectromagnetismMaxwell's equationsLorentz forceElectric field

Question 7: Electrical resonance occurs in an electric circuit at a particular resonance frequency when the impedance between the input and output of the circuit is at a minimum (or when the ________ is at a maximum).
Butterworth filterLTI system theoryFilter (signal processing)Transfer function

Question 8: ________ - wireless energy transmission between two resonant coils
WiTricityResonant energy transferTransformerTesla coil


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