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Question 1: The use of an impulse response may be used in combination with the ________ (FFT) to rapidly measure the electrical impedance of various electrical devices.
Discrete Fourier transformFast Fourier transformRader's FFT algorithmCooley–Tukey FFT algorithm

Question 2: Electrical impedance extends the concept of resistance to AC circuits, describing not only the relative ________ of the voltage and current, but also the relative phases.
Electrical engineeringCrest factorAmplitudeMeasuring instrument

Question 3: A constant direct current has a zero rate-of-change, and sees an inductor as a short-circuit (it is typically made from a material with a low ________).

Question 4: A capacitor consists of two conductors separated by an insulator, also known as a ________.
DielectricPermittivityMetamaterialMaxwell's equations

Question 5: In the general case however, ________ in addition to series and parallel will be required.
Electrical networkElectrical impedanceResonatorEquivalent impedance transforms

Question 6: In other words, it is voltage–current ratio for a single ________ at a particular frequency ω.
Complex numberLeonhard EulerExponentiationEuler's formula

Question 7: However, ________ representation is more powerful for circuit analysis purposes.
Field (mathematics)Real numberVector spaceComplex number

Question 8: In general, impedance will be a complex number, but this complex number has the same units as resistance, for which the ________ is the ohm.
Systems of measurementConversion of unitsInternational System of UnitsMetric system

Question 9: A DC voltage applied across a capacitor causes charge to accumulate on one side; the ________ due to the accumulated charge is the source of the opposition to the current.
Electric fieldMaxwell's equationsMagnetic fieldLorentz force

Question 10: The term impedance was coined by ________ in July 1886.
MagnetismMaxwell's equationsOliver HeavisideElectricity


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