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Question 1: A small ________, wind turbine or impeller is connected to a low-power alternator and rectifier to supply currents of up to 12 A at typical cruising speeds.
Jet engineSteamboatPropeller (aircraft)Propeller

Question 2: Some of the smallest generators commonly found power ________.
Bicycle lightingIncandescent light bulbLight-emitting diodeCandle

Question 3: The Wimshurst machine and ________ are examples of these machines that have survived.
Van de Graaff generatorElectrostatic generatorHigh voltageNikola Tesla

Question 4: Many different versions are available - ranging from very small portable ________ powered sets to large turbine installations.
GasolineInternal combustion engineFilling stationDiesel fuel

Question 5: These have now been replaced by ________ with built-in rectifier circuits, which are less costly and lighter for equivalent output.
Nikola TeslaMagnetic fieldElectrical generatorAlternator

Question 6: Large commercial vehicles are more likely to use 24 V to give sufficient power at the starter motor to turn over a large ________.
Two-stroke engineDiesel engineHot bulb engineInternal combustion engine

Question 7: Tachogenerators are frequently used to power ________ to measure the speeds of electric motors, engines, and the equipment they power.
TachometerAutomobileThrottleGlobal Positioning System

Question 8: The principle, later called Faraday's law, is that a potential difference is generated between the ends of an electrical conductor that moves perpendicular to a ________.
Magnetic fieldMagnetic momentMaxwell's equationsMagnetism

Question 9: Human powered direct current generators are commercially available, and have been the project of some ________ enthusiasts.
Punk subcultureDIY ethicDo it yourselfCraft (magazine)

Question 10: In the ________ from 1972 until the late 1980s, the MHD plant U 25 was in regular commercial operation on the Moscow power system with a rating of 25 MW, the largest MHD plant rating in the world at that time.
Joseph StalinRussiaSoviet UnionEast Germany


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