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Question 1: ________ is more conductive, but due to cost it is not practical in most cases.

Question 2: ________ has been used as a conductor in housing applications for cost reasons.

Question 3: Of the metals commonly used for conductors, ________ has a high conductivity.

Question 4: If an electric field is applied to a material, and the resulting induced ________ is in the same direction, the material is said to be an isotropic electrical conductor.
Electric chargeMaxwell's equationsElectric currentMagnetic field

Question 5: The motion of charges also creates an ________ around the conductor that exerts a mechanical radial squeezing force on the conductor.
Electromagnetic fieldElectromagnetic radiationElectromagnetismMaxwell's equations

Question 6: In power engineering, an ________ is a length of metal, usually surrounded by an insulating sheath, that is used to conduct electricity.
Electrical wiringElectrical conduitCircuit integrityAC power plugs and sockets

Question 7: Because of its ease of connection by ________ or clamping, copper is still the most common choice for most light-gauge wires.
MetalworkingSolderingBrazingSheet metal

Question 8: The ________ article contains a table showing allowable ampacities for a variety of copper wire sizes.
Body piercingElectrical resistanceAlternating currentAmerican wire gauge

Question 9: A ________ sufficiently different from the materials used for connections to accelerate the creep problem, addressed by using only plugs, switches, and splices rated specifically for aluminum.
AluminiumCoefficient of thermal expansionCopperSilver

Question 10: Positive charges may also be mobile in the form of ________ in a lattice that are missing electrons (known as holes), or in the form of ions, such as in the electrolyte of a battery.


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