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Electric upright bass: Quiz


Question 1: As well, by using tone controls and ________, an EUB can also take on a sound similar to a fretless bass guitar.
Effects unitSynthesizerElectric guitarJimi Hendrix

Question 2: The ________ extends over two octaves and usually has side dots for the players reference.
Bass guitarFingerboardGuitarString instrument

Question 3: Some EUBs cannot be used with a bow because of the large radius of the fingerboard and the flatness of the ________.
Arch bridgeTruss bridgeBridgeCable-stayed bridge

Question 4: ________ of Pearl Jam also regularly uses EUBs.
Stone GossardEddie VedderJeff AmentMike McCready

Question 5: These positions are called the 'thumb positions' in ________ parlance.
Double bassJazzBass guitarCello

Question 6: Eberhard Weber played an EUB on the 1975 album Yellow Fields, using a combination of modes, ________-like riffs using the sustained tone of the EUB.
KambhojiCarnatic musicKalyani (raga)Raga

Question 7: The electric upright bass (abbreviated EUB and sometimes also called stick bass) is an electronically amplified version of the ________ that has a minimal or 'skeleton' body, which greatly reduces the size and weight of the instrument.
CelloBass guitarDouble bassJazz

Question 8: In the 1990s and 2000s, ________ used the EUB in several of his bands.
Les ClaypoolLarry LaLondePrawn Song RecordsPrimus (band)

Question 9: ________ plays an NS Electric Upright Bass, sometimes with pizzicato and sometimes with a bow.
Tony LevinAdrian BelewKing CrimsonBill Bruford

Question 10: The scale length of EUBs varies: some scales are 42", similar to most double basses, whilst other models have scale lengths of only 30" like a short scale ________.
Electric guitarJazz guitarLead guitarBass guitar


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