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Electric motor: Quiz


Question 1: The same Hall effect sensors that provide the commutation can also provide a convenient ________ signal for closed-loop control (servo-controlled) applications.
ThrottleTachometerAutomobileGlobal Positioning System

Question 2: Operating at normal power line frequencies, universal motors are very rarely larger than one kilowatt (about 1.3 ________).
ISO/IEC 646Fuel oilShoe sizeHorsepower

Question 3: Another common application is the control of the throttle of an internal combustion engine in conjunction with an ________ governor.
Electronic engineeringEngineeringElectronicsElectrical engineering

Question 4: A linear motor is essentially an electric motor that has been "unrolled" so that, instead of producing a ________ (rotation), it produces a straight-line force along its length by setting up a traveling electromagnetic field.
Angular momentumTorqueRigid body dynamicsEnergy

Question 5: In 1882, ________ discovered the rotating magnetic field, and pioneered the use of a rotary field of force to operate machines.
Wardenclyffe TowerAlexander Graham BellElectricityNikola Tesla

Question 6: [12] Due to the high cost of the ________ electrodes required by primary battery power, the motors were commercially unsuccessful and the Davenports went bankrupt.

Question 7: Pancake motors are still widely used in high-performance servo-controlled systems, humanoid ________ systems, industrial automation and medical devices.
Industrial robotRoboticsDriverless carArtificial intelligence

Question 8:
Electric motor, Nikola Tesla and Three-phase electric power are all:
Nikola Tesla Electrical engineering Electric motors All pages needing cleanup

Question 9: You can find a linear motor in a maglev (________) train, where the train "flies" over the ground, and in many roller-coasters where the rapid motion of the motorless railcar is controlled by the rail.
Maglev (transport)TransrapidHigh-speed railIntercity-Express

Question 10: Larger brushless motors up to about 100 kW rating are used in ________.
Electric carHybrid vehiclePlug-in hybridElectric vehicle

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