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Question 1: In response, electric locomotives began operation in 1904 on the ________.
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern RailwayMichigan Central RailroadErie RailroadNew York Central Railroad

Question 2: In the 1930s the Pennsylvania Railroad, which also had introduced electric locomotives because of the NYC regulation, electrified its entire territory east of ________.
PhiladelphiaAllentown, PennsylvaniaHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaHummelstown, Pennsylvania

Question 3: An electric locomotive is a ________ powered by electricity from an external source.
Rail transportTrainSteam locomotiveLocomotive

Question 4: ________ locomotives, which used AC power transmission and DC motors, were common.
High-voltage direct currentDiodeVacuum tubeRectifier

Question 5: Power transfer from motor to axle is effected by spur gearing, in which a pinion on the motor shaft engages a ________ on the axle.
Worm driveSpiral bevel gearList of gear nomenclatureHobbing

Question 6: The Japanese ________ and the French TGV were the first systems for which devoted high-speed lines were built from scratch.
High-speed railShinkansenPlanned high-speed rail by countryChina Railways CRH2

Question 7: A battery locomotive (or battery-electric locomotive) is a type of electric locomotive powered by on-board batteries; a kind of ________.
Plug-in hybridElectric carBattery electric vehicleGeneral Motors EV1

Question 8: The Whyte notation system for classifying steam locomotives is not adequate for describing the varieties of electric locomotive arrangements, though the ________ applied classes to its electric locomotives as if they were steam or concatenations of such.
Reading CompanyAmtrakCanadian Pacific RailwayPennsylvania Railroad

Question 9: The most fundamental difference lies in the choice of direct (DC) or ________ (AC).
ElectricityAlternating currentTransformerElectric current

Question 10: It was replaced with a ________ system, in which a pickup (the "shoe") rode underneath or on top of a smaller rail parallel to the main track, somewhat above ground level.
Electric locomotiveOverhead linesRailway electrification systemThird rail

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