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Electric glow discharge: Quiz


Question 1: A small fraction of the population of atoms within the cell is initially ionized through random processes (thermal collisions between atoms or with ________, for example).
Alpha particleAlpha decayIonizing radiationElectron

Question 2: Electric glow discharge is a type of plasma formed by passing a current at 100 V to several kV through a gas at low pressure, usually ________ or another noble gas.

Question 3: An ________ of several hundred volts is applied between the two electrodes.
Electric potentialMaxwell's equationsLorentz forceMagnetic field

Question 4: In optical atomic spectroscopy, the wavelength of this photon can be used to determine the identity of the atom (that is, which ________ it is) and the number of photons is directly proportional to the concentration of that element in the sample.
CarbonHydrogenHeliumChemical element

Question 5: In its simplest form, it consists of two electrodes in a cell held at low pressure (0.1–10 ________; about 1/10000th to 1/100th of atmospheric pressure).
Pressure measurementPascal (unit)TorrPounds per square inch

Question 6: In atomic ________, these ions are detected.
ChromatographyEnzyme assayMass spectrometryAutopsy

Question 7: The ions (which are positively charged) are driven towards the cathode by the electric potential, and the electrons are driven towards the ________ by the same potential.
Rechargeable batteryGalvanic cellBattery (electricity)Anode

Question 8: Electron multiplier  • ________  • Daly detector
Microchannel plate detectorTime-of-flight mass spectrometryMass spectrometryIon source

Question 9: It is found in products such as fluorescent lights and plasma-screen televisions, and is used in plasma physics and ________.
Mass spectrometrySpectroscopyAnalytical chemistryElectrochemistry


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