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Question 1: There are no negative gravitational charges (no ________) while there are both positive and negative electric charges.
General relativityPhysicsSpecial relativityExotic matter

Question 2: The situation in which electric or magnetic fields change in time is no longer electrostatics, but rather ________ or electromagnetics.
ElectromagnetismElectromagnetic radiationClassical electromagnetismMaxwell's equations

Question 3: The concept of an electric field was introduced by ________.
Charles-Augustin de CoulombWilliam Thomson, 1st Baron KelvinMichael FaradayJ. J. Thomson

Question 4: The electric field is the force per unit charge that would be experienced by a stationary ________ at a given location in the field:
Point particleStandard ModelPhotonElectron

Question 5: For this reason, one speaks of "electromagnetism" or "________." In quantum mechanics, disturbances in the electromagnetic fields are called photons, and the energy of photons is quantized.
Electromagnetic radiationMaxwell's equationsFree spaceElectromagnetic field

Question 6: Both obey an ________ (both are inversely proportional to square of r).
EnergyLightSunInverse-square law

Question 7: As they move, they generate ________, and if the magnetic field changes, it generates electric fields.
MagnetismMagnetic momentMaxwell's equationsMagnetic field

Question 8: A changing ________ gives rise to an electric field,
Magnetic fieldMagnetismMagnetic momentMaxwell's equations

Question 9: Electric fields contain electrical energy with ________ proportional to the square of the field amplitude.
HydrogenUraniumEnergy densityOxygen

Question 10: In ________, an electric field is a field of force with a field strength equal to the force per unit charge at that point.
Particle physicsUniverseQuantum mechanicsPhysics

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