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Electric current: Quiz


Question 1: [1] This flowing electric charge is typically carried by moving electrons, in a conductor such as wire; in an ________, it is instead carried by ions, and, in a plasma, by both.
Half cellLead-acid batteryFuel cellElectrolyte

Question 2: Electric current produces a ________.
Magnetic fieldMagnetismMaxwell's equationsMagnetic moment

Question 3: In metallic solids, electricity flows by means of electrons, from higher to lower ________.
Electric potentialMaxwell's equationsMagnetic fieldLorentz force

Question 4: The theory of ________ allows one to transform the magnetic field into a static electric field for an observer moving at the same speed as the charge in the diagram.
Maxwell's equationsGeneral relativityElectromagnetismSpecial relativity

Question 5: When a metal wire is connected across the two terminals of a DC ________ such as a battery, the source places an electric field across the conductor.
Voltage sourceVoltage dividerCurrent sourceElectrical impedance

Question 6: where I is the current, measured in amperes; V is the ________, measured in volts; and R is the resistance, measured in ohms.
Electric currentElectrical networkVoltageMultimeter

Question 7: Electric current means, depending on the context, a flow of ________ (a phenomenon) or the rate of flow of electric charge (a quantity).
Maxwell's equationsMagnetic fieldElectric chargeElectromagnetism

Question 8: While a very small amount can cause a slight tingle, large amounts can cause severe burns if it passes through the skin or even ________ if enough passes through the heart.
Pulseless electrical activityAsystoleMyocardial infarctionCardiac arrest

Question 9: Natural examples include lightning and the solar wind, the source of the polar auroras (the aurora borealis and ________).
Cluster missionAurora (astronomy)MagnetosphereSuper Dual Auroral Radar Network

Question 10: A ________ conductive metal contains mobile, or free, electrons.
CarbonMaterials scienceSiliconSolid


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