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Question 1: [65][66] Electricity utilities have been ordered to set up electric car charging stations in ________, Shanghai and Tianjin.

Question 2: The second approach is known as ________.
Wireless energy transferResonant energy transferInductive chargingCharging station

Question 3: Other on-board energy storage methods that are expected to come into use in the future include ultracapacitors, ________, and a spinning flywheel which stores kinetic energy.
Lead-acid batteryFuel cellFlow batteryZinc-air battery

Question 4: After seven years of research and development, it launched the ________, known as the G-Wiz i in the United Kingdom, in 2001.
Bolloré Blue CarMini EAixamREVA

Question 5: On July 31, 1971, an electric car received the unique distinction of becoming the first manned vehicle to be driven on the Moon; that car was the Lunar rover, which was first deployed during the ________ mission.
Apollo programApollo 17Apollo 15Apollo 12

Question 6: France's largest energy provider, EDF is currently working with ________ to develop charging stations throughout France.

Question 7: Before the pre-eminence of ________, electric automobiles also held many speed and distance records.
Dry sumpInternal combustion engineSpark-ignition engineStroke ratio

Question 8: US patent 594805, ________, Motor vehicle
Hiram Stevens MaximEnglandHiram Percy MaximBlackpool

Question 9: When the paddle is inserted it completes an ________ circuit which provides power to the battery pack.
InductorTransformerMagnetic fieldElectromagnet

Question 10: In some major urban cities in the Philippines like Makati, E-Jeepneys or Electric ________ are used as well as Electrical Tricycles (Rickshaws).
JeepneyPhilippine National RailwaysManila Light Rail Transit SystemBaliwag Transit


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