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Electric arc furnace: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is also supersonically blown into into the scrap, combusting or cutting the steel, and extra chemical heat is provided by wall-mounted oxygen-fuel burners.

Question 2: Vacuum arc remelting is also used in production of ________ and other metals which are reactive or in which high purity is required.

Question 3: Arc furnaces were also used to prepare ________ for use in carbide lamps.
Calcium carbideCalcium chlorideCalcium fluorideCalcium carbonate

Question 4: It is filled with refractory sand, such as ________, when it is closed off.

Question 5: Electric arc furnace temperatures can be up to 1,800 degrees ________.
CelsiusJoulePascal (unit)Kelvin

Question 6: In the 19th century, a number of men had employed an electric arc to melt ________.

Question 7: The mast arms holding the electrodes carry heavy busbars, which may be hollow water-cooled ________ pipes carrying current to the electrode holders.

Question 8: The Stessano electric furnace is an arc type ________ that usually rotates to mix the bath.
FurnaceBoilerFurnace (disambiguation)Blast furnace

Question 9: Electric arc furnaces are also used for production of ferroalloys and other non-ferrous alloys, and for production of ________.

Question 10: The roof also supports the refractory delta in its centre, through which one or more ________ electrodes enter.
CarbonGraphiteDiamondCarbon nanotube


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