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Electric aircraft: Quiz


Question 1: During ________ 2007 Sonex Aircraft announced that they are working on a series of alternate power initiatives, including an electric-powered aircraft.
Wittman Regional AirportLa Crosse Municipal AirportEAA AirVenture OshkoshGeneral Mitchell International Airport

Question 2: Currently flying electric aircraft include manned and ________.
Unmanned aerial vehicleIntelligence collection managementSignals intelligenceSignals intelligence operational platforms by nation

Question 3: Projected price for a commercially available ________ production version of the E430 is US$89,000.
Light-sport aircraftDenney KitfoxAutogyroUltralight aviation

Question 4: Shaft engines (to drive ________, rotors, ducted fans, or propfans):
SteamboatPropellerPropeller (aircraft)Jet engine

Question 5: This aircraft is a converted Monnett Moni ________ equipped with an 18-hp electric motor, regenerative-braking-capable controller package and two lithium polymer battery packs.
Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-4Single-blade propellerMotor gliderPowered hang glider

Question 6: ________ (EASA)
European Defence AgencyEuropean Aviation Safety AgencyEuropolEurojust

Question 7: An electric aircraft is an ________ that runs on electric motors rather than internal combustion engines, with electricity coming from fuel cells, solar cells, ultracapacitors, power beaming,[1] and/or batteries.
AircraftBusiness jetWide-body aircraftDouble-deck aircraft

Question 8: developed the vehicle under NASA's ________ program.
General Atomics ALTUSNASA PathfinderNASA ERAST ProgramScaled Composites Proteus

Question 9: The range can be increased by adding ________ to the aircraft's body to create a solar airplane.
Solar energySolar cellDye-sensitized solar cellPhotovoltaics

Question 10: The aircraft first flew at Unterwössen, ________ on 21 August 1983.


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