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Elections in Iraq: Quiz


Question 1: Ten general elections were held before the overthrow of the monarchy in ________.

Question 2: Saddam's regime was largely run by Arabs from ________ (a mainly Sunni area), his home region.

Question 3: Elections in Iraq gives information on ________ and election results in Iraq.
ElectionReferendumElectoral reformGerrymandering

Question 4: Under the regime of Saddam Hussein, who came to power in ________, Kurds were persecuted.

Question 5: Between ________ and 2003 Iraq was ruled by a series of military regimes, all dominated by Iraqi Arabs, particularly after the emergence of the Ba'ath Party in the early 1960's.

Question 6: The court decided that the Calendar year referred to was the 365 day ________ (and not for example the 360 day Hijri year).
MonthTimeIslamic calendarYear

Question 7: The multinational force's invasion of Iraq in ________ overthrew Saddam's regime and installed an interim government in which all Iraq's ethnic and religious communities were represented.

Question 8: Under the Iraqi constitution of ________, Iraq was a constitutional monarchy, with a bicameral legislature consisting of an elected House of Representatives and an appointed Senate.


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