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Question 1: While openness and ________ are usually considered cornerstones of a democratic system, the act of casting a vote and the content of a voter's ballot are usually an important exception.

Question 2: The ________ is a relatively modern development, but it is now considered crucial in most free and fair elections, as it limits the effectiveness of intimidation.
United StatesSecret ballotElectoral fraudElections by country

Question 3: For example, ________ are usually appointed rather than elected to help protect their impartiality.
JudgeRabbiDoctor (title)Professor

Question 4:
Who played Linda Novotny the movie Election?
Jessica Campbell
Colleen Camp
Reese Witherspoon
Delaney Driscoll

Question 5:
What role did Mark Harelik play in the movie Election?
Walt Hendricks
Dave Novotny
Jim McAllister
Paul Metzler

Question 6: Referenda are usually called by governments via the legislature, however many democracies allow citizens to petition for referenda directly, called ________.
Political partyFederalismInternational relationsInitiative

Question 7:
What role did Delaney Driscoll play in the movie Election?
Linda Novotny
Tracy Flick
Tammy Metzler
Judith R. Flick

Question 8: Further limits may be imposed: for example, in ________, only people who have been citizens since 1920 or their descendants are allowed to vote, a condition that the majority of residents do not fulfill.
Saudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesKuwaitQatar

Question 9:
Who played Dave Novotny the movie Election?
Chris Klein
Mark Harelik
Phil Reeves
Matthew Broderick

Question 10:
Who played Tammy Metzler the movie Election?
Jessica Campbell
Molly Hagan
Reese Witherspoon
Jessica Campbell

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