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Eld's Deer: Quiz


Question 1: Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) in Myanmar (________) protects the largest population of the endangered Eld's Deer left in the world.

Question 2: When rutting takes place, males compete with each other to gain control of a ________ of females that they can then mate with.
OrientalismOttoman EmpireHaremSexual slavery

Question 3: Their coat, rough and coarse, changes colour with the season; in ________ the colour is [reddish brown while in winter it turns into dark brown with males tending to be darker than the females.
SummerRainAutumnWet season

Question 4: Under the research project study, the ecology of Thamin and a series of training courses in ________ were organised.
BiodiversityNatureConservation biologyEcosystem

Question 5: Initially, the Smithsonian National Zoo acquired a few thamin for observations and subsequently shifted a few to its Conservation and Research Center at ________, Virginia for biological study.
Orange, VirginiaWarrenton, VirginiaFront Royal, VirginiaCulpeper, Virginia

Question 6: Males also move around singly except during ________.
PubertyOvulationMenstrual cycleEstrous cycle

Question 7: -Rucervus eldi eldi: The Manipuri Brow-antlered Deer or Cervus eldii eldii in ________ also called Sangai in Manipuri

Question 8: A few hundred deer were protected in a large enclosure in Hainan Island,________.
Religion in ChinaChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)

Question 9: After new ________ sprouts in the ashes of February and March fires they gathered to graze on tender shoots

Question 10: In Burma, ________ of the diperocarp forests is cited as a reason for the threat faced by the thamin deer.
Kyoto ProtocolDeforestationClimate change and agricultureUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


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