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Elastin: Quiz


Question 1: Elastin is a ________ in connective tissue that is elastic and allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting.

Question 2: Elastin is also very important in the ________, elastic ligaments, the skin, the bladder, elastic cartilage, and the intervertebral disc above the sacroiliac.
Respiratory systemDigestionImmune systemLung

Question 3: Elastin is made by linking many soluble tropoelastin protein molecules, in a reaction catalyzed by lysyl oxidase, to make a massive insoluble, durable ________ array.
Disulfide bondBranching (chemistry)Cross-linkProtein–protein interaction

Question 4: Elastin serves an important function in ________ as a medium for pressure wave propagation to help blood flow and is particularly abundant in large elastic blood vessels such as the aorta.
Carotid sinusArterySystemic circulationArterial tree

Question 5: Elastin is composed of the protein fibrillin and ________ such as glycine, valine, alanine, and proline.
MetabolismAmino acid synthesisAmino acidL-DOPA

Question 6: The amino acid responsible for these cross-links is ________.


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