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El Tajín: Quiz


Question 1: It also gained the interest of several academics at the Vatican, who compared the pyramid with the constructions of ________.
Roman EmpireRoman RepublicAncient RomeClassical antiquity

Question 2: To further this effect, the inside of the frets were painted dark red and the exterior portion light blue, similar to ________.
Lapis lazuliQuartzJewelleryTurquoise

Question 3: From the early centuries, objects from ________ are abundant.
Mesoamerican chronologyOlmecTeotihuacanMaya civilization

Question 4: El Tajín is a ________ archeological site and was the site of one of the largest and most important cities of the Classic era of Mesoamerica.
Pre-Columbian eraPaleo-IndiansKennewick ManIndigenous Amerindian genetics

Question 5: [8] West of the building on the south side is a large ball court with sloped sides and sculpted friezes depicting the god ________.
Aztec mythologyQuetzalcoatlAztec religionHuitzilopochtli

Question 6: and during this time numerous temples, palaces, ________ and pyramids.
Mesoamerican ballcourtMesoamerican ballgameChichen ItzaTikal

Question 7: Voladores come from as far as San Luis Potosi and ________.
NicaraguaGuatemalaMexicoCosta Rica

Question 8: [5] Since the 1970s, El Tajin has been the most important archeological site in ________ for tourists, attracting over 650,000 visitors a year.
Alvarado, VeracruzVeracruzNautla, VeracruzXalapa

Question 9: [16] Most of the population lived in the hills surrounding the main city,[10] and the city obtained most of its foodstuffs from the ________, Nautla and Cazones areas.
MexicoTecolutla, VeracruzPapantla, VeracruzMexico City

Question 10: [1] The religion was based on the movements of the planets, the stars and the Sun and Moon,[11] with the ________ and pulque having extremely important parts.
Mesoamerican chronologyMesoamerican ballgameMesoamerican ballcourtOlmec


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