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El Escorial: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is El Escorial?
Off-Off Broadway
Oil on oak

Question 2:

Question 3: Following a rule approved by the ________ dealing with the veneration of saints, Philip II donated to the monastery one of the largest reliquaries in all of Catholicism.
Council of ChalcedonFirst Council of NicaeaCouncil of TrentCatholic Church

Question 4: It displays masterworks by Titian, Tintoretto, ________, Velázquez, Roger van der Weyden, Paolo Veronese, Alonso Cano, José de Ribera, Claudio Coello and others.
PaintingWestern paintingCretan SchoolEl Greco

Question 5: With floors and ceiling of white marble, the tomb of Prince ________ is especially notable.
Battle of Lepanto (1571)Charles V, Holy Roman EmperorPhilip II of SpainJohn of Austria

Question 6: El Escorial is an historical residence of the king of ________.

Question 7: Philip engaged the Spanish architect, ________, to be his collaborator in the design of El Escorial.
St. Peter's BasilicaPalazzo Farnese, RomeLa Granjilla de La Fresneda de El EscorialJuan Bautista de Toledo

Question 8: Juan Bautista had spent the greater part of his career in Rome, where he had worked on the basilica of St. Peter's, and in ________, where he had served the king's viceroy, whose recommendation brought him to the king's attention.

Question 9: The vault of the library's ceiling is decorated with frescoes depicting the seven liberal arts: Rhetoric, Dialectic, Music, Grammar, ________, Geometry and Astronomy.

Question 10: Originally a property of the Hieronymite monks, it is now an monastery of the ________.
AugustiniansSociety of JesusOrder of Saint AugustineCatholic religious order


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