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Einstein field equations: Quiz


Question 1: The orbit of a ________ particle satisfies
Free fallJoseph KittingerEquivalence principleParachute

Question 2: It leads to the prediction of ________ and to different models of evolution of the universe.
Schwarzschild metricBlack holeKerr–Newman metricKerr metric

Question 3: The solutions of the Einstein field equations are metrics of ________.
SpacetimeProper timeTime dilationT-symmetry

Question 4: Flat ________ is the simplest example of a vacuum solution.
Special relativitySpacetimeGeneral relativityMinkowski space

Question 5: For example, Maxwell's equations of ________ are linear in the electric and magnetic fields, and charge and current distributions (i.e.
Relativistic electromagnetismElectromagnetismElectromagnetic radiationClassical electromagnetism

Question 6: Using ________ where G = c = 1, this can be rewritten as
Stoney scale unitsNatural unitsGeometrized unit systemPlanck units

Question 7: These equations are used to study phenomena such as ________.
Gravitational waveBlack holeGeneral relativityIntroduction to general relativity

Question 8: and that the metric and its derivatives are approximately static and that the squares of deviations from the ________ are negligible.
SpacetimeMinkowski spaceSpecial relativityGeneral relativity

Question 9: Video Lecture on Einstein's Field Equations by ________ Physics Professor Edmund Bertschinger.
Harvard UniversityNortheastern UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyBoston University

Question 10: ________ with a vanishing Ricci tensor, Rμν = 0, are referred to as Ricci-flat manifolds and manifolds with a Ricci tensor proportional to the metric as Einstein manifolds.
Differentiable manifoldDifferential geometryManifoldGeometry


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