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Einsatzgruppen: Quiz


Question 1: In the summer of 1938, when Germany was preparing an invasion of ________ scheduled for October 1 of that year, the Einsatzgruppen were founded.
Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)Czechoslovak Socialist RepublicCzechoslovakiaCzech Republic

Question 2:
When did Einsatzgruppen form?
c. 1939

Question 3: Heydrich acting under orders from Reichsführer ________ supplied security forces on an "as needed" basis to the local SS and Police Leaders.
Heinrich HimmlerAdolf HitlerJoseph GoebbelsThe Holocaust

Question 4: An Einsatzgruppe was allegedly standing by in ________, Greece, and was prepared to go to Palestine, once German forces arrived there, to kill the roughly half a million Jews in the Mandate.

Question 5: In the Baltic states and ________, they also recruited local collaborators - Hiwis - to assist in the killing.

Question 6: After the invasion of the ________ in 1941, the Einsatzgruppen's main assignment was to kill civilians, similarly as in Poland, but this time particularly the Soviet Communist Party commisars and Jews were targeted.
RussiaEast GermanyJoseph StalinSoviet Union

Question 7: [3] The Einsatzgruppen had a leading role in the implementation of the final solution of the ________ (German: Die Endlösung der Judenfrage) in the conquered territories.
Adolf HitlerJewish questionNazi GermanyThe Holocaust

Question 8: Of the four Einsatzgruppen, three were commanded by holders of ________ degrees, of whom one (Rasch) held a double doctorate.
Postgraduate educationAcademic degreeDoctorateDoctor (title)

Question 9: The ultimate authority for the Einsatzgruppen, answerable directly to Heinrich Himmler and ________, were the SS and Police Leaders who oversaw all Einsatzgruppen activities and reports in their given area.
Nazi GermanySchutzstaffelAdolf HitlerNazi Party

Question 10: A 2006 study by the German historians Klaus-Michael Mallman and Martin Cueppers says that an Einsatzgruppe was created in 1942 to kill Jews in the ________.
British Mandate of PalestineGibraltarBritish EmpireJordan

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