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Einkorn wheat: Quiz


Question 1: It was first domesticated approximately 9000 BP (9000 BP ≈ 7050 ________), in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A or B periods.
Calendar eraJulian calendarCommon EraGregorian calendar

Question 2: Einkorn is a ________ species of hulled wheat, with tough glumes ('husks') that tightly enclose the grains.

Question 3: Grains of wild einkorn have been found in Epi-Paleolithic sites of the ________.
Western AsiaFertile CrescentNeolithicIraq

Question 4: [2] Its cultivation decreased in the ________, and today it is a relict crop that is rarely planted.
Bronze AgeBronze Age BritainDeverel-Rimbury cultureAncient Near East

Question 5: Einkorn wheat (from German Einkorn, literally "one grain" or "a grain") can refer either to the wild species of ________, Triticum boeoticum (the spelling baeoticum is also common), or to the domesticated form, Triticum monococcum.

Question 6: Einkorn wheat was one of the earliest cultivated forms of wheat, alongside ________ (T. dicoccum).
DurumSpeltCommon wheatEmmer


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