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Einherjar: Quiz


Question 1: Scholarly theories have been proposed etymologically connecting the einherjar to the Harii (a Germanic tribe attested in the first century CE), the eternal battle of Hjaðningavíg, and the ________.
Huginn and MuninnOdinWild HuntGeri and Freki

Question 2: According to John Lindow, Andy Orchard, and Rudolf Simek the einherjar are commonly connected to the Harii, a Germanic tribe attested by ________ in his first century CE work Germania.
VespasianTacitusRoman EmpireDomitian

Question 3: In the poem Vafþrúðnismál, ________ engages the wise jötunn Vafþrúðnir in a game of wits.
OdinThorNorse mythologySleipnir

Question 4: At the end of the ________ saga Hákonar saga góða, the poem Hákonarmál (by the 10th century skald Eyvindr skáldaspillir) is presented.
HeimskringlaValkyrieAsgardSnorri Sturluson

Question 5: Simek continues that the notion of an eternal battle and daily resurrection can be found in book I of Saxo Grammaticus' ________ and in reports of the eternal battle of Hjaðningavíg.
Norse paganismThorGesta DanorumRunestone

Question 6: In chapter 8 of Fagrskinna, a prose narrative states that, after the death of her husband ________, Gunnhild Mother of Kings had a poem composed about him.
Eric BloodaxeEiríkr HákonarsonCnut the GreatSweyn Forkbeard

Question 7: Fólkvangr, afterlife field of the goddess ________.

Question 8: In Valhalla, the einherjar eat their fill of the nightly-resurrecting beast Sæhrímnir, and are brought their fill of ________ (from the udders of the goat Heiðrún) by valkyries.
MeadAbsintheAlcoholic beverageBeer

Question 9: High responds that Odin gives the food on his table to his two wolves ________, and that Odin himself needs no food, for Odin gains sustenance from wine as if it were drink and meat.
ValkyrieGeri and FrekiHuginn and MuninnEinherjar

Question 10: In ________, the einherjar (Old Norse "lone fighters"[1]) are those that have died in battle and are brought to Valhalla by valkyries.
OdinThorNorse mythologyNorse paganism

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