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Eight Provinces of Korea: Quiz


Question 1: The table below lists the eight provinces in romanized spelling, ________ and Hanja; the origin of their names; their capitals, dialects, and regional names; and the 13 provinces that replaced them in 1896.
Hebrew alphabetBrāhmī scriptAlphabetHangul

Question 2: With the exception of ________ (see note 2 below), each province took its name from the initial Hanja (Sino-Korean characters) of two of its principal cities.

Question 3: Paldo Arirang to denote the hundreds of regional versions of the popular folk song ________; and
ArirangKorean languageNorth KoreaGyeongsang

Question 4: During most of the ________, Korea was divided into eight provinces (do; ; ).
South KoreaKorean EmpireJoseon DynastyKorea under Japanese rule

Question 5: The country was reorganized into eight provinces: Chungcheong, Gangwon, ________, Gyeongsang, Jeolla, P'unghae (renamed Hwanghae in 1417), P'yŏngan, and Yŏnggil (eventually renamed Hamgyŏng in 1509).


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