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Question 1: They also took part in the seizure of the Taku Forts commanding the approaches to Tianjin, and the boarding and capture of four Chinese ________ by Capt. Roger Keyes of HMS Fame.
DestroyerFletcher class destroyerTribal class destroyer (1936)V and W class destroyer

Question 2: Empress Dowager Cixi, the Emperor, and higher officials fled the Imperial Palace for Xi'an, and sent ________ for peace talks.
Yuan ShikaiFirst Sino-Japanese WarLi HongzhangQing Dynasty

Question 3: During the course of the campaign the allied forces brought an end to the siege of the Legation Quarter and brought an end to ________ in August of 1900.
Spanish–American WarRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Boxer RebellionKorean War

Question 4: The Boxers then converged on ________ and besieged foreign diplomats and civilians who had taken refuge in the Legation Quarter.

Question 5: [1][2] At the end of the campaign, the imperial government signed the unequal ________ of 1901.
BeijingBoxer ProtocolBoxer RebellionTianjin


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