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Question 1: Another method, which is competing with the eigenface technique uses '________'.
United StatesVisa (document)Facial recognition systemMass surveillance

Question 2: Eigenfaces are a set of eigenvectors used in the ________ problem of human face recognition.
Machine visionScale spaceComputer visionAugmented reality

Question 3: These eigenvectors are derived from the ________ of the probability distribution of the high-dimensional vector space of possible faces of human beings.
Multivariate normal distributionRandom variableMatrix (mathematics)Covariance matrix

Question 4: There will be a pattern to evaluate ________, if there is any style of facial hair, where the hairline is, or evaluate the size of the nose or mouth.
Euclidean groupGroup (mathematics)SymmetrySymmetry (physics)

Question 5: Informally, eigenfaces can be considered a set of "standardized face ingredients", derived from ________ of many pictures of faces.
Mathematical statisticsStatisticsProbabilityRegression analysis

Question 6: A set of eigenfaces can be generated by performing a mathematical process called ________ (PCA) on a large set of images depicting different human faces.
Information theoryAdaptive DPCMPrincipal component analysisAudio compression (data)

Question 7: Also, because a person's face is not recorded by a ________, but instead as just a list of values (one value for each eigenface in the database used), much less space is taken for each person's face.
Digital cameraPhotographyDigital photographyDigital single-lens reflex camera


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