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Eid ul-Fitr: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is Eid ul-Fitr?
Islamic University
Islamic North American grassroots umbrella organization
Islamic Center, Mosque, education, and activities

Question 2: Some people also avail themselves of this opportunity to distribute ________, the Islamic obligatory alms tax on one's wealth, to the needy.
Imamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)SalahZakatIslamic holy books

Question 3: Muslims are commanded by the ________ to complete their fast on the last day of Ramadan and then recite the Takbir all throughout the period of Eid[Qur'an 2:185 (Translated by Shakir)].

Question 4: The Eid prayer is followed by the ________ (sermon) and then a supplication (dua') asking for forgiveness, mercy and help for all living beings across the world.

Question 5: In Myanmar (________ nations officially refer to Myanmar/Burma exclusively as Myanmar), Eid ul-Fitr lasts for only one day of celebration for the Myanmarese Muslims.
South Asian Association for Regional CooperationShanghai Cooperation OrganisationASEANPacific Islands Forum

Question 6: [7] ________ is also eaten with a salad of sliced onions and cucumber.
BiryaniIdliIndian Chinese cuisineHyderabad biryani

Question 7: ________ is the only muslim country that uses the Gregorian calendar.
CyprusTurkeyCroatiaTurkish people

Question 8: Fasting is believed by some scholars to extol fundamental distinctions, lauding the power of the ________ realm, while acknowledging the subordination of the physical realm.
AtheismSpiritualityRelationship between religion and scienceReligion

Question 9: It is celebrated after the end of the Islamic month of ________, on the first day of Shawwal.
Isra and Mi'rajRamadanEid ul-FitrMawlid

Question 10: In the predominantly Shia culture of ________, Eid is a highly personal event, and celebrations are often more muted.
AzerbaijanIraqIran–Iraq WarIran


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