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Ehden: Quiz


Question 1: At the end of the 6th century the inhabitants of Ehden converted to ________ under the influence of the Maronite priests St. Maron and St. Simeon Stylites.
ChristianityBaptistEcumenismChristian denomination

Question 2: It was not until the rise of ________ that the Syrians rebuilt it.
ChristianityEcumenismBaptistChristian denomination

Question 3: - 64 BCE ________ blockaded Ehden.
Julius CaesarAlexander the GreatLucius Cornelius SullaPompey

Question 4: Ehden, is derived from ________, meaning the mountain’s base and slope.
Arabic languageAramaic languageAkkadian languageSemitic languages

Question 5: Nowadays the people reside in their Ehden homes during the summer months for cooler days and in their ________ homes for warmer winters.

Question 6: The mountain town is located 1500 m above sea level, and is 25 km from Zgharta, 110 km from ________ (the country’s capital) and 30 km from Tripoli, Lebanon.

Question 7: Seleucus I, leader of an army that was a part of ________'s Macedonian army rebuilt Ehden.
Ptolemaic KingdomAlexander the GreatSeleucid EmpireMacedonia (ancient kingdom)

Question 8: ________, the Assyrian king through his leading assistant Rabshakeh, occupied Ehden and destroyed it by setting it alight and overturning its statue.
SennacheribTiglath-Pileser IIISargon IIEsarhaddon

Question 9: Ehden is the original homeland, and first home for Zghartians who moved in the 16th century to ________ on the Lebanese coast.

Question 10: Four centuries later, ________ had been established as their prime residential home.


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