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Question 1: The special membranes that support these eggs are traits of all ________, including mammals.

Question 2: Fish eggs, such as these ________ eggs are often transparent and fertilized after laying
ShadSwordfishSea urchinHerring

Question 3: The most common reproductive strategy for ________ is known as oviparity, in which the female lays undeveloped eggs that are externally fertilized by a male.
Pelagic fishFish anatomyFishForage fish

Question 4: Platypuses and two genera of echidna are Australian ________.

Question 5: Among mammals, early extinct species laid eggs, as do platypuses and ________ (spiny anteaters).
EchidnaMonotremeShort-beaked EchidnaChordate

Question 6: ________ and placental mammals do not lay eggs, but their unborn young do have the complex tissues that identify amniotes.

Question 7: A few fish, notably the rays and most ________ use ovoviviparity in which the eggs are fertilized and develop internally.
Angel sharkSharkBullhead sharkGreat white shark

Question 8: Average clutch sizes range from one (as in ________) to about 17 (the Grey Partridge).
Andean CondorCalifornia CondorNew World vultureCondor

Question 9: A baby ________ emerges from its egg.
Green turtleGeocheloneTortoiseTurtle

Question 10: Eggs are common among invertebrates, including insects, mollusks, and ________.


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