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Question 1: In medicine, effectiveness relates to how well a treatment works in practice, as opposed to efficacy, which measures how well it works in ________ or laboratory studies.
Medical researchPlacebo-controlled studyClinical trial protocolClinical trial

Question 2: In ________, effectiveness relates to getting the right things done.
EconomicsSocial sciencesSociologyManagement

Question 3: In ________, an effective theory is, similar to a phenomenological theory, a framework intended to explain certain (observed) effects without the claim that the theory correctly models the underlying (unobserved) processes.
UniverseParticle physicsQuantum mechanicsPhysics

Question 4: ________ reminds us that effectiveness is an important discipline which “can be learned and must be earned.”[1].
Peter DruckerManagementJoseph SchumpeterAustria

Question 5: In ________, effective is sometimes used as a synonym of algorithmically computable.
GeometrySet theoryMathematicsMathematical logic

Question 6: In heat transfer, effectiveness is a measure of the performance of a ________ when using the NTU method.
Shell and tube heat exchangerHeat exchangerFoulingWater

Question 7: In a way, any theory of Physics is fundamentally an effective theory, since there is no meaningful distinction of observables and reality within the scope of Physics (see also FAPP, cogito ergo sum, ________, Pragmatism).

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