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Effective dose: Quiz


Question 1: It is not intended as a measure for acute or threshold effects of radiation exposure such as erythema, ________ or death.
Lead poisoningRadiation poisoningSpider biteCarbon monoxide poisoning

Question 2: Effective dose is used in radiation protection, to compare the stochastic risk of a non-uniform exposure of ________, with the risks caused by a uniform exposure of the whole body.
Nuclear fissionIonizing radiationX-rayRadiation therapy

Question 3: ________ (Neurotoxicology) • Dose-response relationship (Efficacy, Potency)
Lead poisoningToxicityPoisonMercury poisoning

Question 4: In pharmacology, effective dose is the median dose that produces the desired effect of a ________.
Psychoactive drugMDMADrugPhencyclidine

Question 5: An effective dose in ________ is the amount of drug that produces a therapeutic response in 50% of the people taking it, sometimes also called ED-50.
AntibioticPharmaceutical drugPharmacologyH2 antagonist

Question 6: In radiation protection it is an estimate of the stochastic effect that a non-uniform ________ dose has on a human.
Ionizing radiationRadiationRadioactive decayGamma ray

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