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Effect size: Quiz


Question 1: An effect size calculated from ________ is a descriptive statistic that conveys the estimated magnitude of a relationship without making any statement about whether the apparent relationship in the data reflects a true relationship in the population.
DataCorrelation and dependenceStatistical graphicsExperiment

Question 2:
Effect size, Likert scale and Cronbach's alpha are all:
Pharmaceutical industry Meta-analysis Hypothesis testing Educational psychology research methods

Question 3: The term effect size can refer to a statistic calculated from a sample of ________, or to a parameter of a hypothetical statistical population.
Statistical graphicsStatisticsDataExperiment

Question 4: The exact form for the correction factor J() involves the ________[6]:104
Function (mathematics)Gamma functionLogarithmFactorial

Question 5:
Effect size, Clinical trial and Pharmaceutical industry are all:
Meta-analysis Pharmaceutical industry Educational psychology research methods Hypothesis testing

Question 6: In that way, effect sizes complement ________ such as p-values.
Ronald FisherGeorge E. P. BoxRegression analysisStatistical inference

Question 7:
Effect size, Clinical trial and Sensitivity and specificity are all:
Hypothesis testing Educational psychology research methods Meta-analysis Medical statistics

Question 8:
Effect size, P-value and Null hypothesis are all:
Hypothesis testing Educational psychology research methods Pharmaceutical industry Meta-analysis

Question 9: For example, a sample ________ coefficient of 0.1 is strongly statistically significant if the sample size is 1000.
Correlation and dependencePearson product-moment correlation coefficientNormal distributionStudent's t-distribution

Question 10: Among other uses, effect size measures play an important role in ________ studies that summarize findings from a specific area of research, and in statistical power analyses.
Meta-analysisForest plotCorrelation and dependenceStatistical hypothesis testing


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