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Edward Teller: Quiz


Question 1: At each of his talks with members of the Israeli security establishment's highest levels he would make them swear that they would never be tempted into signing the ________.
Cold WarNuclear Non-Proliferation TreatyNuclear arms raceCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 2:
What is Edward Teller also known as?
McMahon, Edward Leo Peter "Ed", Jr.
Vaizey, Ed
Teller Ede
Larson, Edward John, Larson, Ed

Question 3:
When is Edward Teller's birthday?

Question 4: At GWU, Teller predicted the Jahn‚ÄďTeller effect (1937), which distorts molecules in certain situations; this affects the ________ of metals, and in particular the coloration of certain metallic dyes.
ChemistryChemical reactionHydrogenNitrogen

Question 5:
What is Edward Teller known for?
Discovery of saccharin
Astrophysics and cosmology
Jahnu2013Teller effectHydrogen bomb
Discovering the Cyclamen somalense

Question 6:
Where did Edward Teller die?
Alameda, California
Stanford, California,
Rancho Mirage, California, U.S.
Los Feliz, California, U.S.

Question 7:
Where was Edward Teller born?

Question 8:
How is Edward Teller described?
Australian true crime
Nuclear physicist and father of the hydrogen bomb
American physicist

Question 9: In an interview with ________ from 1999, Teller told the reporter:
Scientific AmericanNature BiotechnologyScientific American MindNature (journal)

Question 10: When ________ began, Teller wanted to contribute to the war effort.
World War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

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