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Edward Low: Quiz


Question 1: Two years later, he became a pirate, operating off the coasts of New England and the ________, and in the Caribbean.
MadeiraAzoresSaint HelenaPortugal

Question 2: Low moved to Boston, ________, as a young man.
MaineMassachusettsConnecticutRhode Island

Question 3: The brother later took to other forms of criminal activity and ended up ________ at Tyburn for "thievery".
Capital punishment in the United KingdomCapital punishment in the United StatesCapital punishmentHanging

Question 4: It is likely that both reports are correct and that Low and Lowther shared the same articles, with Low's two extra articles being an ________, or amendment, adopted after the two crews separated.
French presidential election, 2007FranceOrdonnance (French constitutional law)French legislative election, 2007

Question 5: Some of Low's haunts, such as the waters around the ________ off New Hampshire and Isle Haute in Nova Scotia, attract treasure hunters who seek artifacts in the ships he sank.
Property type (National Register of Historic Places)Isles of ShoalsMaineUnited States

Question 6: [14] He moved on to Conception Bay, capturing a number of boats around the Grand Banks southeast of Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic to the ________.
PortugalMadeiraAzoresSaint Helena

Question 7: According to Charles Johnson's A General History of the Pyrates, Edward Low was born in Westminster, ________, England, around 1690.

Question 8: [4] He moved on to the Canaries, Cape Verde and then back across to the coast of ________, where he was driven back by foul weather.
BrazilPortugalMozambiqueEast Timor

Question 9: [13] Low was subsequently rescued by a French ship; when the French authorities learned of his identity he was brought to trial, and was hanged in ________, in 1724.
MartiniqueGuadeloupeFrench GuianaFrance

Question 10: Less is recorded of Low than of other equally prolific pirates such as Teach and ________.
Stede BonnetEdward LowBlackbeardPiracy

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