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Edward Hawke, 1st Baron Hawke: Quiz


Question 1: He was not on good terms with the new First Lord of the Admiralty, ________, although they shared similar views on how any future naval war against France should be waged.
George Anson's voyage around the worldGeorge Anson, 1st Baron AnsonHMS Centurion (1732)Royal Navy

Question 2: Hawke is referred to in ________ story of Long John Silver, who claims to have served under Hawke.
Treasure IslandThe Silverado SquattersKidnapped (novel)Robert Louis Stevenson

Question 3: II, Hawke: The Spirit, in Types of Naval Officers, by A. T. Mahan at ________
Amazon KindleProject Gutenberg AustraliaGoogle BooksProject Gutenberg

Question 4: Towards the end of his life he lived at Swaythling House, near Southampton, although he died in ________.
Ashford, SurreySunbury-on-ThamesStainesReading, Berkshire

Question 5: In an effort to further undermine the French, Pitt had conceived the idea of seizing the island of Belle Île, off the coast of ________ and asked the navy to prepare for an expedition to take it.
BrittanyBreton peopleNantesBreton language

Question 6: Under a previous commander, ________, it had successfully contained the French coast and in May 1747 won the First Battle of Cape Finisterre when it attacked a large convoy leaving harbour.
Royal NavyGeorge Anson's voyage around the worldGeorge Anson, 1st Baron AnsonHMS Centurion (1732)

Question 7: The consequence of this, along with Anson's earlier victory, was to give the British almost total control in the ________ during the final months of the war.
Celtic SeaEnglish ChannelNorth SeaBaltic Sea

Question 8: Despite this similar descents were launched the following year against ________ and St Malo.
Mont Saint-MichelSaint-LôBarfleurCherbourg-Octeville

Question 9: Hawke was born in ________ in 1705, the only son of a lawyer.

Question 10: Hawke then put a great deal of effort into improving the performance of his crews and instilling in them a sense of pride and ________.
United StatesItalySpainPatriotism


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